Spencer Wood

Passport: USA Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Positions: QB/WR/RB Camps: 6


Belgian National Team 2018-Present HC 1-1
Munich Cowboys 2017 OC 3-11
Santa Barbara City College 2016 ST/WRs 7-4
Carinthian Lions 2016 OC 4-4
Plock Mustangs 2014 QBs/OC 4-4


European Women’s American Football Camp 2018 HC/QBs
Utrecht Skills Camp 2018 HC/QBs
Vienna Skills Camp 2018 HC/WRs
Cologne Skills Camp 2018 HC/WRs
Utrecht Skills Camp 2017 RBs


Spencer Wood is the head coach of the Belgian national team, known as the Belgian Barbarians. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Spencer holds an Associate’s Degree in Global Studies from Santa Barbara City College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management from Kennesaw State University. After playing football in college, Spencer played one season overseas for the Płock Mustangs in Poland’s 1st Division. After a devastating knee injury ultimately ended his playing career, Spencer remained in Europe in a full-time coaching role. He served as the Offensive Coordinator for the Carinthian Lions in Austria’s 1st Division in 2016, followed by serving in the same role with the Munich Cowboys in the GFL in 2017. Spencer also spent a season coaching at one of his alma maters, coaching the wide receivers and serving as the special teams coordinator at Santa Barbara City College.

– AFBN Academy, Arnhem, Netherlands: Quarterbacks Coach (2017)
– AFBN Academy, Utrecht, Netherlands: Quarterbacks Coach (2017)
– Gridiron Imports Showcase, Landsberg am Lech, Germany: Quarterbacks Coach (2017)
– Campamento De Futbol Americano Peru, Lima, Peru: Lead Camp Instructor (2017)


Belgian Barbarians name Spencer Wood as new head coach

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Munich Cowboys: Spencer Wood is the new offensive coordinator

Munich Cowboys: Spencer Wood the new OC

2018 Cologne Skills Camp Recap


“Spencer came in during the 2016 season to take over as the OC and especially work with our young WR group. We had been in contact for over a year for this opportunity for him to join the team as a coach, which gives you an indication of his preparation. Everything he did was always very detailed and prepared, from practice to game day to watching tape with the offense after the game. Even though he came in after the season had started, he was always in contact with us from the start of the pre-season, so that he knew the playbook and personnel when he arrived. He is a quick learner that can adapt very fast to the given circumstances, which is very important if you want to play or coach in Europe.

The coaches and players respected him for his knowledge of the game and the way he handled himself. Very good work ethic, always on time, very easy to work and get along with. Enthusiastic about football, just loves the game and you can see it when you watch him coach or talk football with him. Showed great human skills working with experienced players and coaches, as well as with the young rookie players or the kids from the youth team. Those qualities are not a given for a young player or coach, who basically just finished his college education and gets started with coaching. Regarding his interaction with the team and other members of the Lions off the field, I have nothing but good things to say about Spencer. He treated everybody with a lot of respect and was very easy to get along with. Very self-reliant, which is a definite plus if you live for a couple months in a foreign country.”

– Thomas Hohenwarter, Athletic Director, Carinthian Lions

“I met Spencer when I was on exchange in America to play high school football. I could tell right away that football was a big thing for Spencer. Now many years later I contacted him because I saw he had connections to the college I was potentially looking to apply to. Since then he has helped me out with a lot of things. Both with my personal career and my team in Iceland. It is clear that Spencer Wood is a high-class guy who’s motives are upstanding and genuine. He is passionate about the growth and development of American football and doing so the right way.”

– Bergþór Pálsson, Quarterback, Reykjavik Einherjar

“I had the honor of playing alongside Spencer Wood during the 2014 season for the Plock Mustangs, in Poland’s first division. He has an amazing grasp of the game, is a very athletic player and at the same time a very big threat to any DB with his accurate arm. From my experience, I can tell you that Spencer is a big help to any coach, with his suggestions and his knowledge. Extremely hard worker. Spencer is also a great coach for juniors, he knows how to explain the game to them at their level. He has a unique ability to make the kids love football. Great leader and teammate. After all, he is a great man and a great friend!”

– Luka Škorić, Serbian Import Player, Plock Mustangs (Poland)

“I had the pleasure and honor to play with Spencer with the Plock Mustangs, in Poland’s First Division in 2014. Spencer is great athlete, very accurate, fast and fearless QB. He can also play WR, as he has very good hands and very fast legs. A true leader on the field. Spencer has very big football knowledge and he uses that on the field. He is a very good junior coach, kids love and listen to him. He is a great teammate and friend, everybody likes him. Always willing to help teammates. Great man and player!”

– Mirko Njagrić, Serbian Import Player, Plock Mustangs (Poland)

„Although I do not know Spencer personally, I felt compelled to leave feedback. I contacted Spencer recently because of his overwhelming positive feedback so that I could receive some of his insight and suggestions for playing overseas as I start my journey. His willingness to assist me, a complete stranger, is rare and a telling sign of his character and leadership qualities. “A person’s true character is revealed by what he does when no one is watching”, I felt I needed to share this with the public so that all teams and coaches know that Spencer would be a valuable asset to any organization he is a part of.”

– Nicholas Bricker, American Import Player, Albershausen Crusaders


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