Kim Ewé

Passport: Denmark Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark
Positions: DB/WR Camps: 


Søllerød Gold Diggers 2017-Present OC 0-0
Castelfranco Cavaliers 2015-2016 HC 13-5
Italian National Team 2016-Present WR/ST
Danish National Team 2008-2016 DC
Søllerød Gold Diggers 2007-2014 HC 68-15
Avedøre Monarchs 2000-2006 HC 64-5
Danish National Team 2000-2004 DBs 4-10
Danish National Team 1998-2000 WRs 0-6
Kronborg Knights U-19 1996-1999 HC
Copenhagen Towers U-19 1990-1995 HC


One of the pioneers of American football in Denmark. 5-time national champion as a coach, 4-time national champion as a player, and EFAF Cup champion in 2012.

Castelfranco Cavaliers: Led the Cavaliers to a 6-2 regular season record and a Group D Championship in his first season with the team in 2015. Lost in the quarterfinals of the playoffs to the Catania Elephants, 28-14. Turned around a team that was 2-6 in 2014.

Italian National Team: Kim Ewé was named the wide receiver and special teams coach for the Italian national team in February 2016. It is his second national team coaching position.

Søllerød Gold Diggers: Head coach of the Gold Diggers from 2007-2014. Took a Gold Diggers team that was winless in 2006 to a national championship in 2007. 2 consecutive national championships and 5-time national finalists. EFAF Cup semi-finalists in 2011. Led the team to the EFAF Cup Championship in 2012. Lost in the EFAF Cup quarterfinals to the Vienna Vikings in 2013.

Avedøre Monarchs: Became head coach of the Monarchs’ senior team in 2000. Took the Monarchs from the Danish 3rd division to the 9×9 team to the Danish National League (1st division) in one year. 3rd division  national champions in 2000. National League championship finalists in 2001, losing to the Roskilde Kings 17-10. Won 3 consecutive national championships from 2002-2004.

Danish National Team: Served as wide receiver coach for the Danish national team from 1998-2000 and defensive backs coach from 2000-2004. Became assistant head coach and defensive coordinator for the Danish national team from 2008-present. European B-champions in 2013. Finished in 6th place in the 2014 European Championships in Vienna.

Kronborg Knights: Played and coached for the Knights from 1996-1999. Took over as head coach for the Knights’ U-19 team in 1996. 3-time national championship finalists as a player from 1997-1999.

Copenhagen TowersHead coach for the Towers’ U-19 team. Played WR for the Towers’ senior team. Won 4 consecutive national championships as a player from 1992-1995.

Personal: Elected to the Danish American Football Hall of Fame in 2011.


Coach Kim Ewé: Building American Football From Denmark to Italy

Kim Ewé è il nuovo WR Coach della Nazionale Italiana


“Kim Ewé is more or less an institution in Danish Football. He is involved with the national team, the education of new coaches, and has been very helpful to other teams. His results speak for itself, and he has had success everywhere he has coached. He will be missed on the Danish sidelines, but I think it is very impressive that he gets a shot at coaching abroad. I wish him much success in Italy.”

-Thomas Pederson, HC, Aarhus Tigers (Denmark)

“It has been my pleasure to work with and get to know Kim Ewé. I’ve know him personally for the last two years and as a team we’ve learned so much from him, mainly due to his passion for the game and his professional attitude. He carried us from “street” football to “organized” football, and for an Italian football team it’s a great boost. He helped me grow personally as a coach and a manager, and taught me to coach with passion and patience. His competence in any aspect of the game is amazing, whether it’s offense, defense, or special teams. I’ve truly learned a lot of things from Coach Ewé, and on top of that he’s led us to unbelievable results on the field. For these reasons, I strongly recommend adding Kim Ewé to your staff – he’s a great coach, a great professional, and overall a great man.”

-Franco Bernardi, Defensive Coordinator, Castelfranco Cavaliers (Italy)

“Coach Kim Ewé is a true lover of the game of football. This characteristic is strongly reflected in his professional approach to the head coach position. He’s able to turn any team into a winner from the very first season. He’s a team builder with great attention to every detail of the team. He knows very well how to drive a team to success in Europe. Despite the fact that European teams can only dedicate two days to practice each week, he maximizes the efficiency of those practices so his team is always prepared to play. Coach Ewé is constantly refining his craft and he’s a true professional.”

-Marco Cecchin, Team Manager, Castelfranco Cavaliers (Italy)

“Kim Ewé is the best coach I’ve ever worked with. He knows how to build teams and utilize the strength of his players to their maximum abilities. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kim for over a decade on both national teams and club levels, and he is one of the most thorough coaches you will ever meet. He understands all aspects of the game, prepares tirelessly for each practice, and always does whatever it takes to put his team in a position to win.

Kim’s way of coaching also reflects on him as a person, outside of football. He is always there to offer coaching advice if you need it and he has become a close friend as a result. I highly recommend Kim if you’re searching for a great coach and a great person.”

-Troels Vestergaard, HC, Søllerød Gold Diggers (Denmark)


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