The Complete List of Women’s American Football Teams in Europe


Great Britain’s national women’s American football team (Photo courtesy of Jason Brown Photography)

20 countries in Europe are home to over 200 women’s American football teams. This fact is astounding because in the United States – the birthplace of American football – women rarely, if ever play. However, in Europe, the situation is clearly quite different.

In tribute to such a prevalence of women in the sport, The Growth of a Game has compiled a complete list of women’s American Football teams in Europe. This is the first time that such a body of research has ever been compiled.

Below you will find an alphabetized list of every country in Europe where at least one women’s American football team exists. Under each of these headings, you will find an alphabetized list of the women’s American football teams in that respective country. This list only includes only clubs that have at least one adult women’s tackle team. We’ve also provided links to every team’s website. Where we were unable to locate the website for a team, we’ve provided links to the team’s respective Facebook page. It is important to note than some of the women’s teams are not featured on their club’s website, which is why some of the links appear to lead to men’s teams. To view the complete list of men’s teams, click here.

This list is also ever-expanding and evolving, with missing information to be provided by The Growth of a Game community and staff as time goes on. Additions, edits, and improvements are welcomed in the comments section below. This list will be updated regularly.

In closing, we would like to give special thanks to the following individuals. We would not have been able to compile this list nearly as completely or as effectively without their help:

Céline Martin – France
Jo Kilby – England
Sari Kuosmanen – Finland

The Growth of a Game is proud to present the first ever comprehensive list of women’s American Football teams in Europe.

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 13th, 2018.



Danube Dragons, Graz Giants, Schwaz Hammers, Telfs Patriots, Salzburg Ducks and Vienna Vikings.



Brno Amazons, Ostrava Diamonds, Pardibuce Rebels, Pilsen Angels, Prague Black Cats, and Prague Harpies.



Copenhagen Tomahawks and Triangle Razorbacks.



Birmingham Lions, Chester Romans, Cornish Tiger Sharks, Derby Braves, East Kent Mavericks, Farnham Knights, Hertfordshire Tornadoes, Iceni Spears, Leeds Beckett – Carnegie, London Warriors, Manchester Titans, Portsmouth Dreadnoughts, Royal Holloway Bears, Sandwell Steelers, Sheffield Hallam Women Warriors, Southampton Stags, Staffordshire Surge, Teesside Steelers, Tynedale Voodoo, UEA Pirates, and Wembley Stallions.



Åbo Akademi IN10s, Hämeenlinna Lady Huskies, Helsinki GS Demons, Helsinki Roosters Women, Helsinki Wolverines Ladies, Hyvinkää Falcons Ladies, Joensuu She-Wolves, Jyväskylä Jaguars, Kotka Eagles, Kouvola Indians Ladies, Kuopio Steelers, Lahti Panthers Women, Lohja Lionesses, Mikkeli Lady Bouncers, Oulu Northern Lights Women, Porvoon Butchers Ladies, Raisio West Coast Phoenix, Rovaniemi Nordmen Naiset, Seinäjoki Crocodiles Women, Tampere Saints Ladies, and Turku Trojans Women.



Aix-en-Provence Argonautes, Albi Hurricane, Annecy Avalanches, Asnières Molosses, Besançon Bisons, Bordeaux Lions, Bouffémont Pendragons, Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons, Caen Conquering, Castres Wolves, Créteil Ogresses, Draguignan Black Dragons, Dunkirk Mavericks, Evry Corsaires, Fontenay-Sous-Bois Meteors, Île-de-France Women, La Courneuve Flash, La Queue-en-Brie Furies, Larmore Plage Celtics, Marseilles Blue Stars, Marseilles Our Lady, Montpellier Argocanes, Montpellier Hurricanes, Nancy Tigres, Nantes Dockers, Paris Dragons, Rouen Felines, Sannois Gauloises, Souffelweyersheim Géant, Thonon Black Panthers, Toulouse Ours, Vannes Mariners, Valence Sharks, Villeneuve-D’ascq Vikings, Villeneuve-Saint-Georges Sparkles, and Villepinte Diables Rouges.



Aachen VampiresAllgäu Comets, Berlin Kobra Ladies, Bielefeld Bulldogs Ladies, Bochum Miners, Braunschweig Lady Lions, Cologne Falconets, Cologne Ronin Ladies, Crailsheim Hurricanes, Duisburg Thunderbirds, Düsseldorf Panther, Erlangen Sharks, Gerolzhofen Bulldogs, Hamburg Amazons, Hamburg Blue Devilyns, Hamm Aces, Hannover Grizzlies, Kevelaer Kings, Kiel Baltic Hurricanes, Kleve Conquerors, Limburg Mustangs, Mainz Golden Eagles, Mönchengladbach Wolfpack Ladies, Mülheim Shamrocks, Munich Cowboys, Munich Rangers Ladies, Münster Mammuts, Neuss FrogsNürnberg Rams, Oldenburg Outlaws, Paderborn Dolphins, Regensburg Phoenix, Rendsburg Knights, Saarland LadyCanes, Sauerland Mustangs, Schiefbahn Riders, Solingen Paladins, Spandau Bulldogs, Stuttgart Scorpions Sisters, Trier Stampers Ladies, Trier Wolverines Ladies, Tübingen Red Knights and Wuppertal Greyhounds.



Budapest Cowboys Ladies and Budapest Wolves Ladies.



Bologna Neptunes, Ferrara Fenici, Furie, Lazio Marines, Lecce South Tigers, Milano Sirene, Naples Express Ladies, Parma Bobcats, Pescara Lobsters, Roma Legionarie, Salento Vibrie, Varese Jungle Queens, Verona Squaw, and Vibrie Female American Football.



Amsterdam Cats and Rotterdam Ravens.



Fredrikstad Queens, Haugesund Hurricanes, Kristiansand Gladiators Women, Lillestrøm Starfighters,  Oslo Vålerenga Trolls, and Vålerenga Trolls.



Opole Vixens and Warsaw Sirens.



Porto Mutts Women.



Khabarovsk Cobras, Moscow CherriesMoscow Dragonflies, Moscow SirensPerm Panthers, Perm Steel Tigresses, St. Petersburg Valkyriesand Vladivostok Wild Pandas.



Edinburgh Wolves and East Kilbride Pirates.



Sirmium Valkyries.



Bratislava Lady Monarchs.



Alicante Sharks, Badalona Dracs Girls, Barbera Rookies, Barcelona Búfals Femenino, Cantabria Bisons, Gijón Mariners, Granada Lions, Las Rozas Black Demons, L’Hospitalet Pioners, Oviedo Madgirls, Oviedo Phoenix, Terrassa Reds, Valencia Firebats, and Zaragoza Hornets.



Borås Rhinos, Carlstad Crusaders, Göteborg Marvels, Halmstad Eagles, Jönköping Spartans, Kristianstad Predators, Limhamn Griffins, Märsta Arlanda Jets, Örebro Black Knights, Stockholm Mean Machines, and Västerås Roedeers.



Calanda Broncos Ladies and St. Gallen Bears.



Cardiff Valkyries.


Have we left anyone out? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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