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The Growth of a Game is an organization that facilitates the development of American football throughout Europe. We’re based in Brussels, Belgium and have been developing American football since 2014. We are expanding and currently looking for up to 2 new people to join our team. These persons must share our passion to help develop the sport at the ground level.

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a growing company and help spread American football. New team members receive hands-on training from experienced sports industry professionals and will develop new skills that are essential to your career.

The positions require a strong background in either graphic design and/or filming and video editing. Additional skills and experience outside of these primary responsibilities is a plus but not required. A willingness to learn is also vital.

The graphic designer position will be responsible for creating visual graphics and logos in various formats. These will be utilized on the website and social media pages for The Growth of a Game, Ceres Sports, and more, resulting in significant exposure.

The film/video editing position will be responsible for shooting film at our events, which include camps, games, our Super Bowl Party, and more. You will also be responsible for editing this video for highlights, promotion, etc.. The position allows for extensive travel and all-expenses paid trips to several countries in Europe. These videos will be utilized on the website and social media pages for The Growth of a Game, Ceres Sports, and more, resulting in significant exposure.

These are part-time positions and allow for work from home. We are looking first and foremost for someone who exhibits excellent character. The candidate must work well within a team and get along easily with others. Flexibility and a desire to grow both personally and professionally are strong assets that will serve you well in the position. It is the perfect role for someone who is self-motivated and wants to be a part of an exciting company.


•Must have strong background graphic design or filming/video editing
•A background in American football is a plus, but not required

Benefits Include:

•Part-time salary
•Flexible work schedule
•Work from home
•Stay up-to-date about all forthcoming projects from The Growth of a Game
•Opportunity to travel to 10 or more events every year
•Learn new skills from sports industry professionals

To be considered for the position, please send the following to [email protected]:

1. CV/Résumé, including a minimum of 3 references.
2. Cover letter describing why you want to work for The Growth of a Game (maximum 1 page).
3. Some examples of previous work.

Deadline to apply is July 15th.

We look forward to hearing from you!


The Growth of a Game Team

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