The Complete List of American Football Teams in Denmark




Of Europe’s 50 countries, 41 have American football teams with an estimated 1,500 teams spread throughout these countries. Denmark currently has over 35 men’s teams and at least 1 women’s team, and that number is growing every year.

In an effort to facilitate the growth of American football in Europe, The Growth of a Game has compiled a complete list of American Football teams in Europe. This is the most exhaustive body of research in existence concerning this topic. To view this full list of teams, follow the link below:

Men’s Teams

Women’s Teams

We need your help. In order to keep this information up-to-date, we’re publishing detailed lists for each individual country. We appreciate your feedback on any missing teams from this list or any edits that need to be made. The list below is the complete list of American football teams in Denmark and we want to make sure that this always includes every team. All edits/additions can be submitted via the comments section below.

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017.


Men’s Teams

AaB 89ersAarhus TigersAmager DemonsAvedøre MonarchsCopenhagen TomahawksCopenhagen TowersEsbjerg HurricanesFrederikssund OaksHerlev RebelsHerning HawksHolbæk Red DevilsHolstebro DragonsHorsens StallionsKalundborg MustangsKøge MarinesKolding GuardiansKronborg KnightsMiddelfart StingersMidwest MusketeersNæstved HG Vikings, Odense Badgers, Ørestaden SpartansRanders ThunderRoskilde KingsSkanderborg Mad DashersSkjern TrojansSlagelse WolfpackSøllerød Gold DiggersSønderborg SergeantsSorø EaglesSvendborg AdmiralsThisted BrewersTisvilde BullsTriangle Razorbacks, and USG Cougars.


Women’s Teams

Copenhagen Tomahawks and Triangle Razorbacks.


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November 13, 2017

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