Biggest women’s American football camp in Europe coming to Copenhagen

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Following the rapid growth of women’s American football and heavy demand for a major camp over the past few years, The Growth of a Game has elected to host the biggest women’s camp in Europe this October in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Growth of a Game is committed to facilitating the development of American football in Europe. In alignment to its primary mission, we organize camps all across Europe to provide quality training to players and coaches looking to improve their skill level.


The Growth of a Game will be hosting the biggest women’s American football camp in Europe on October 6th-7th, 2018 at an indoor facility in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The 2018 European Women’s American Football Camp will be the first edition of the event with the intent to improve the skill level of players from all over Europe. Players and coaches from all across Europe will visit Copenhagen for the camp, and over 200 players are expected to be in attendance.

The European Women’s American Football Camp will be led by several of the top coaches in Europe, including Spencer Wood, head coach for the Belgian National Team; Ryan Andersen, head coach for Copenhagen Tomahawks Women in Denmark; Kyler Wilson, head coach of the Frederikssund Oaks U16; Kasper Skyum, quarterbacks coach and head coach of the U19 team for Copenhagen Towers; Thomas Brygmann, offensive coordinator for the Danish national team; Victor Andersen, defensive coordinator for the Copenhagen Towers and defensive backs coach for the Danish U19 National Team; Patrik Lundqvist, head coach for the the Limhamn Griffins U11; Nicholas Hjorth, defensive line coach for the Copenhagen Towers; Thomas Knudsen, former defensive line coach for the Ørestaden Spartans; Jukka Rysgaard, linebackers coach for the senior Danish national team and defensive coordinator on the U17 Danish national team; Niels Roest, defensive backs coach for the Copenhagen Towers; Ville Korhonen, head coach for the Arlanda Jets Women in Sweden; Dennis Svennson, head coach for the Amager Demons; and Jesper Nørgaard Pedersen, linebackers coach for the Copenhagen Tomahawks.

The camp will focus on skill development for all players 15 and over. Players of all positions are welcome. In addition to player development, the coaching staff will also be providing instruction to beginner and intermediate coaches in the form of on-field work and coaches’ meetings. Players and coaches from as many as 15 countries will be present.

Player fees for the 2-day camp are €99, while coaches fees are €49. Teams can sign up unlimited players and coaches for €1,000.

Players will wear full pads and helmets for all on-field training. Camp practice jerseys will be included in the sign-up cost for players and will be provided during registration. Players must bring their own equipment to participate.

Hafnia-Hallen is an indoor facility, so the weather will not be a factor at the camp.

Hotel Rossini is the preferred accommodation for participating players and coaches. Individual reservations for Hotel Rossini must be made at the time of registration on the sign-up page. To reserve accommodation for your team, please e-mail us.

This camp is made possible by the contributions of various partners, including the Copenhagen Tomahawks, the Danish American Football FederationBattle Sports, Ceres Sports, Hotel Rossini, Cramer Sports MedicineChampro Sports, and Hafnia-Hallen.

To sign up for the event, visit the sign-up page:

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