2016 Vienna Skills Camp recap

Vienna Skills Camp 12

Photo courtesy of Marta Dębska.

The Growth of a Game held its first skills camp in Austria from August 13th-14th at the BSFZ Südstadt in Vienna. With the support of the Danube Dragons – one of Austria’s most successful American football organizations – the camp was a great success.

Participants from 7 countries made it to Vienna for the camp, which taught players essential skills that they’ll build on during the upcoming season. Feedback from the camp was very positive, with most participants commenting on how they were impressed with the level of coaching and energy during each session. Austria has some of the most talented athletes in Europe, which was proven through the course of the camp. National team players from neighboring countries also helped elevate the level of play and energy at the camp.

The Growth of a Game Vienna Skills Camp was led by several of the top coaches in Europe, including Daniel Levy, head coach for the Warsaw Eagles in Poland; Geoff Buffum, head coach for the Calanda Broncos in Switzerland; John Booker, head coach for the Trnava Bulldogs in Slovakia; Eoin O’Sullivan, offensive line coach for the Warsaw Eagles; Matt Dias, defensive coordinator for the Warsaw Eagles; Lex Braga, defensive backs coach for the Warsaw Eagles, Luke Zahradka, quarterback for the Prague Black Panthers; and Clayton Lovett, defensive coordinator for the Brazilian National Team.

The camp was made possible by the contributions of various partners, including the Danube Dragons, BSFZ Südstadt, Gear4Teams, Cramer Sports Medicine, and Battle Sports Science.

The camp will return again to Vienna next year from August 12th-13th, 2017 for the 2nd installment.

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