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The Swarco Raiders Tirol in Innsbruck, Austria.

If you’ve ever wanted to track the progress of American football in Europe or join with others just like you in helping to grow and strengthen the game, this is where you belong.

The Growth of a Game is now live! We’ve spent the last several months developing a website worthy of our objectives. We’ll be sharing many of these specific objectives with you over the course of the next several months, however much of it is in relation to increasing the level and awareness of this great game of ours throughout Europe and around the world. We believe in the future of this game, and everything that you see here will educate you on its process and development.

We’ll be posting new, original content once or twice a week, with some additional irregular posts here and there. You’ll see interviews with players, coaches, league and team officials, and more. We’ll post “how to” guides, player, coach, team owner, referee, etc., we think you’ll find some interesting information in these articles that will make you better at what you do. We’re excited to be building a thriving community where people are sharing ideas and learning from one another.

For those that subscribe to our e-mail list, we’ll be providing exclusive updates to you on the development of the accompanying book which is set to be released. We’ll also be providing discounts, giveaways, and contests in the future. Only e-mail list subscribers will be eligible to participate, so make sure to sign up for the e-mail list on this page.

We encourage not only participation in our comments section of each article, but also suggestions and questions, from all of our readers. If you have a recommendation for a new article, an update on a new development surrounding the game of football in Europe, or you’d like to help spread the word about The Growth of a Game, please reach out to us via e-mail at [email protected] or please complete the contact form. Also, be sure to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, where we’ll be posting daily relevant updates. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for following and we look forward to working together to grow the game of American football in Europe.