The Growth of a Game: Coming Late 2019

For the first time ever, a book is being written that chronicles the rise of American football in Europe.

The game of American football has had a foundation in Europe for more than 4 decades, yet a vast number of people are unaware of the game’s significance throughout the continent. With the vision to elevate the level and awareness of this great game, Travis Brody is writing the first non-fiction book that covers American football across every country in Europe from every angle. It will be the most comprehensive work written on the subject to date. “The Growth of a Game: The Genesis, Development, & Future of American Football in Europe” will tell many stories from the over 200,000 players, coaches, owners, referees, league officials, photographers and more spread across the continent.

Travis developed an interest in encouraging the growth of American football during his time spent with the Brussels Bulls of the Belgian Football League. For 3 seasons, Travis quarterbacked the Senior team while working as an assistant coach for the Bulls’ Junior team, which won its first franchise national championship during his 2nd season on the staff. He developed the know-how in the sports industry while serving as Vice President of Business Development for Sports 1 Marketing, a business venture of Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon. Travis then launched Premier Class Consulting, a consulting firm that works with businesses, sports teams/organizations, and start-ups to boost their efficiency and marketability. His passion for and knowledge of American football has led to the creation of “The Growth of a Game” website and upcoming book.

Since this book is a work in progress, we’re encouraging those who are interested in contributing to the development of the book to contact us with your stories, information, or ideas. This is a collaborative effort in many regards, and we’d love to get your take on it all. Please use our Contact page to get in touch.

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