Now Announcing Ceres Sports



The Growth of a Game is proud to announce that it has recently launched Ceres Sports, a new brand of American football equipment. Ceres is now the premier supplier of field equipment in Europe, emphasizing a commitment to quality in its product, service, and people.

Ceres Sports was born out of the desire to deliver quality equipment options to the American football community. After 3 years of providing resources and insight to players, coaches, and teams all across Europe, we observed a significant lack of quality field equipment options and elected to find a solution to this problem. We decided to invest in the creation of a high-quality brand of field equipment that could be sold at competitive prices.

From the beginning we knew what we wanted this brand to stand for: quality and commitment. We understand the need for both of these attributes in American football, and we strive to embody them.

We listened to players and coaches at all levels in order to design the very best equipment ever created in Europe. Our products maximize size-to-weight ratio and often come in multiple sizes for various age levels.

We maintain contact with our clients through the entirety of the order – from the time when the order is placed until it is delivered at your facility.

Ceres Sports has everything your team needs: tackle donuts, step over bags, hand shields, tackle dummies, pop up dummies, goal post pads, blocking sleds, equipment bags, and landing mats, with additional products currently in development. Several products include multiple shapes and sizes to accommodate your team’s needs.

All products are manufactured in Spain, ensuring high quality material and superb attention to detail.

You can view all Ceres products on our website by clicking here or at

For a catalog, order form, and/or more information, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

We look forward to helping your team get to the next level.