The Growth of a Game and Battle Sports Form Partnership


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We are proud to introduce Battle Sports as an official Camp Sponsor of The Growth of a Game. Both organizations are eager to combine their efforts to facilitate the growth of American football in Europe through cooperation via The Growth of a Game’s series of developmental camps.

“We are very excited about this partnership with Battle Sports. Success in American football, whether as an individual or as a team, is very dependent upon utilizing the right equipment. Not only is it essential for players to use equipment that maximizes their athletic performance, but it is also critical for a team to be just that – a team. Battle Sports Science fills both these needs effectively by producing performance-enhancing and injury-reducing equipment that also makes a team more of a team by making everyone look uniform and sharp. There are few American football equipment companies out there with such a range of equipment that promote performance, safety, and looks. This is why we are proud to be working with Battle Sports Science.”
–Travis Brody, President of The Growth of a Game

“Battle Sports Science is excited to partner with The Growth of a Game to support American football players, coaches and teams across Europe. We are 100% dedicated to the sport of American football. Today, Battle Sports Science holds the top spot in the pacifier mouthguard category and the fastest growing receivers gloves category in the space. Battle Sports Science and The Growth of a Game are committed to providing top American football programs with the best American football equipment in the industry. Watch out for many new and exciting products this year such as backplates, integrated compression gear, and apparel.”
–Chris Circo, CEO of Battle Sports Science

Battle Sports is storming the global scene of American football equipment. There is good reason for their rapid growth.

Battle Sports Science has revolutionized the mouth guard industry with its brilliant innovations – especially their Oxygen Mouth Guards which not only protect your lips and teeth but which actually increase your ability to breathe. With Battle Sports mouth guards, you will have more protection, be able to breath better, and at the same time, look very appealing.

Battle Sports – with their signature Ultra-Stick Football Receiver Gloves – also offers some of the best gloves on the market, and, unlike most other brands, does so at prices that teams and players find fair. You will be hard pressed to find a stickier set of gloves.

In addition to mouth guards and gloves, Battle Sports Science is proud of their  XFAST Ankle Support Systems, arm sleeves, cleat sleeves, skull wraps, bicep bands, towels, handwarmers, back plates, and apparel.

The Growth of a Game is happy to provide everyone in Europe with Battle’s entire range of products. Battle products will be available for inspection and purchase at all of our camps. You can also download their catalog from our equipment page and place orders immediately. Through our partnership with Battle Sports Science, we are able to provide generous discounts off all retail prices.

Please e-mail Rita Nisa, Director of Account Management at The Growth of a Game and Premier Class Consulting for pricing, order forms and any questions:

E-mail: [email protected]