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“Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have had Travis Brody reach out to me in regards to playing football in Europe. His knowledge of the teams in Europe and the effort he put into educating me on every facet of what the experience will be like was incredible. He found exactly what I was looking for in a team and location, then went out and found the best situation and had the pros and cons ready for me to make the best decision for myself, which I greatly respected. Outside of how professional and informative he was, the single quality that struck me most was the fact that he is incredibly passionate about growing the game of football in Europe and is dedicated to succeeding at that, which I have no doubts that he will.”

Allan Bridgford, QB – Amsterdam Crusaders (Netherlands)

“Since the moment I met Travis Brody, I’ve experienced nothing but great things with him. He is a man that will go above and beyond to help people in any way he can. From my own personal experience, he has helped me to continue my football career and the careers of many others as well. Travis has been honest and upfront with everyone he comes in contact with, keeping the lines of communication open between both parties at any time of the day. Not only has he represented me over the last year, but he’s also come to be a good friend of mine.”

Greg Watson, QB – Warsaw Eagles (Poland)

“Travis has represented me since this year and everything has gone really smoothly so far. He takes everything into his hands and deals with everything extremely professionally. If I ever had any questions, Travis would make sure that they were answered fully so there was never any doubt. He also checked in on me regularly to see how things were going and to make sure everything was fine, whether it be football related or family related. Travis is a great to work with and I would recommend him to others; he’s always looking out for his clients.”

Luke Zahradka, QB – Prague Black Panthers (Czech Republic)