Gear4Teams named official sponsor for The Growth of a Game skills camps

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We are proud to announce players for 6 camps throughout the remainder of the year.

The Growth of a Game is dedicated to facilitating the development of American football in Europe. A critical component of this mission is providing players and coaches access to opportunities to expand their football skills and knowledge. Our camps serve as a platform for players to access quality coaching and for coaches to learn from quality mentors.

We are also committed to quality apparel at our camps, something that Gear4Teams stands for. Gear4Teams has been around for over 3 years and has supplied hundreds of teams in Europe with superior uniforms and other apparel. They’ve developed an excellent reputation in the American football community and seek to provide great products and service to their clients.

Gear4Teams is an invaluable supporter of our mission because with them, we can provide widespread access to our top-notch camps for affordable prices.

The story of the company is inspiring. Gear4teams started in 2013 when founder Pepijn Mendoca sought to design a track suit for his American football club. Since then, they have grown to the company they are today, with their own designers and a complete array of products for many sports.

It is impressive that in just 3 years, Gear4Teams has gone from an idea to one of the top suppliers of athletic uniforms and apparel in Europe. In addition to American football, the company provides customized options for baseball, MMA, cross fit, and basketball. The can-do hustle and entrepreneurial spirit of the Gear4Teams staff is something that strongly resonates with The Growth of a Game team.

The future of American football in Europe is bright. We are honored to be a part of this growth and by the relationships that we have, and which only grow stronger.

For more information about our upcoming camps, please visit our camps page. For more information about Gear4Teams and all that they offer, please visit their website. As always, we are available for any questions, comments or concerns. Please email us at [email protected], or comment below.


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