LINK: Düsseldorf Panther welcome Brian Dobry as new defensive coordinator


Brian Dobry, one of the coaches represented by The Growth of a Game, has recently arrived in Germany to coach the Düsseldorf Panthers of the German Football League (GFL). Dobry will take over as defensive coordinator for the Panthers, one of the oldest franchises in Europe. The Panthers are amidst a rebuilding process and look to be competitive in the GFL North against teams such as the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes, the Dresden Monarchs, and the New Yorker Lions.

Dobry was part our hugely successful Hawkins Gridiron Skills Camp in Düsseldorf last weekend (March 19th-20th).

The article appears in German on the Düsseldorf Panther website:


Panther begrüßen Brian Dobry als neuen Defensive Coordinator