The Complete List of European NFL Players

Germany's Björn Werner at the 2013 NFL Draft in New York City (courtesy of AFP)
Germany’s Björn Werner at the 2013 NFL Draft in New York City (courtesy of AFP)

For almost a full year, we’ve been compiling a list of European NFL players through extensive research and with the assistance of The Growth of a Game community. One of our stated goals is to increase the public awareness of American football in Europe, and one of the ways in which we aim to do so is by acknowledging the prevalence of American football players who have come from Europe to play in the National Football League.

Players on this list have all met two important criteria for inclusion: 1) They were born in Europe and 2) They signed a contract with an NFL team.

These two criteria open the door for the inclusion of many names while conversely limiting inclusion of others, however there needed to be an objective line drawn to prevent an expansion on what it means to be an “NFL player from Europe”. We have not included players of European descent who were born in the United States (or elsewhere outside of Europe), however we have included Americans born in Europe as well as Europeans who immigrated to the United States at an early age. We do not aim to identify what it means to be a European – instead we chose to base this list purely on the location of birth. Doing otherwise would make this a subjective list rather than an objective one.

It deserves noting that the National Football League has been around in some form or another since 1920. Since its inception, the league has changed names twice, merged, expanded, and contracted. Teams have changed names and locations, and have occasionally folded. Many of the team names you’ll see under the list of former players may be unfamiliar, which means they are likely a team that has either folded or changed names. The Chicago Bears, for example, were once named the Decatur Staleys and the Chicago Staleys before settling into their current name and home.

Along with each name is the player’s position, team(s), and birth place. This list is also ever-expanding and evolving, with missing information to be provided by The Growth of a Game community and staff as time goes on. Additions, edits, and improvements are welcomed in the comments section below. This list will be updated regularly.

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 31st, 2017.



•Kristjan Sokoli
(OG, Free Agent, Pukë)
•Jay Ajayi
(RB, Eagles, London)
•Chigbo Anunoby
(NT, Free Agent, London)
•Jack Crawford
(DT, Falcons, London)
•Josh Mauro
(DE, Cardinals, St. Albans)
•Lawrence Okoye
(DE, Free Agent, Croydon)
•Menelik Watson
(OT, Broncos, Manchester)
•Margus Hunt
(DE, Colts, Karksi-Nuia)
•Anthony Dablé
(WR, Free Agent, Grenoble)
•Moritz Böhringer
(WR, Free Agent, Stuttgart)
•Kasim Edebali
(OLB, Broncos, Hamburg)
•Jerome Felton
(FB, Free Agent, Düren)
•Brandon Gibson
(WR, Patriots, ?)
•Ladarius Green
(TE, Steelers, Berlin)
•R.J. Harris
(WR, Saints, Wurzburg)
•Mike Jenkins
(CB, Cardinals, Neuenbürg)
•Jamaal Jones
(WR, Chargers, Heidelberg)
•Markus Kuhn
(DT, Patriots, Mannheim)
•Jeff Locke
(P, Vikings, Frankfurt)
•Mark Nzeocha
(LB, Cowboys, Ansbach)
•Tyrus Thompson
(OT, Saints, ?)
•Sebastian Vollmer
(OT, Patriots, Karst)
•Björn Werner
(OLB, Jaguars, Berlin)
•Andrew Williamson
(S, Colts, ?)
•Giorgio Tavecchio
(K, Raiders, Milan)
•Mykkele Thompson
(S, Giants, Naples)
•Sebastian Janikowski
(K, Raiders, Wałbrzych)
•Zoltán Meskó
(P, Free Agent, Timișoara)
•Graham Gano
(K, Panthers, Arbroath)
•David Hedelin
(OL, Free Agent, Stockholm)
•Sebastian Johannson
(OL, Free Agent, Karlstad)
•Chris Conley
(WR, Chiefs, Incirlik Air Base)



Toni Fritsch (K, Cowboys/Chargers/Oilers/Saints, Vienna), Andy Gross (OG, Giants, Berkam), Milo Gwosden (E/HB, Buffalo Bisons, Agram), Toni Linhart (K, Saints/Colts/Jets, Donawitz), Steve Schimititisch (C/G, New York Yankees, Vienna), Ray Wersching (K, Chargers, 49ers, Mondsee).
George Jakowenko (K, Raiders/Bills, Charleroi), Terry Ray (Safety, Patriots/Falcons, SHAPE).
Boni Petcoff (OT, Columbus Tigers, ?).
Momčilo Gavrić (K, 49ers, Sinj), Visco Grgich (OG/OT, 49ers, Zlarin), George Perpich (OT, Colts/Brooklyn Dodgers, ?).
Garo Yepremian (K, Lions/Dolphins/Saints/Buccaneers, Lamaca).
Al Hust (DE, Chicago Cardinals, Orlova), Jerry Krysl (OT, Cleveland Bulldogs, Bohemia), Mirro Roder (K/P, Bears/Bucs, Olomouc), Will Svitek (OT, Chiefs/Falcons/Patriots/Bengals/Titans, Prague), Bullets Walson (FB/HB/QB, Washington Senators/Buffalo Bisons, Dolní Žukov).
Morten Andersen (K, Saints/Falcons/Giants/Chiefs/Vikings, Copenhagen), Bud Jorgensen (OT, Packers/Eagles, ?), Wagner Jorgensen (C, Brooklyn Dodgers, ?), Hans Nielsen (K, Bears, Vejle).
Vince Abbott (K, Chargers, London), Jermaine Allen (RB, Bears/Saints, London), Marvin Allen (WR, Steelers/Dolphins, London), John Caldwell (RB, St. Louis All-Stars, Blackpool), Ken Clark (P, Rams, Southampton), Harry Collins (OG, Buffalo Bisons, Leicester), Mike Dawson (DE/DT, Cardinals, Dorking), John Dibb (OT, Newark Tornadoes, Wilsden), Aden Durde (LB, Panthers/Chiefs, Middlesex), Victor Ebubedike (RB, Jets, London), Mike Estep (OG, Bills/Packers, Northampton), Domonique Foxworth (DB, Broncos/Falcons/Ravens, Oxford), Owen Gill (RB, Colts/Rams, London), Larry Green (DE, Canton Bulldogs, Yorkshire), Rob Hart (K, Buccaneers/Dolphins/Saints, Devizes), Bobby Howfield, (K, Broncos/Jets, Bushey), Ian Howfield (K, Oilers, Watford), Rhys Lloyd (K, Panthers/Ravens, Dover), Mick Luckhurst (K, Falcons, Redbourn), Scott McCready (WR, Patriots/Panthers,/Chiefs, London),Pat Morrison (S, Bears/Giants, London), Vince Newsome (DB, Rams/Browns, Braintree), John O’Callaghan (TE, Seahawks, London), Wayne Radloff (C/OG, Falcons, London), Maury Segal (DE/HB/QB, Cleveland Bulldogs, ?), Rick Sharp (DT/OT, Steelers/Broncos, London), Tim Shaw (LB, Panthers/Jaguars/Bears/Titans, Exeter), John Smith (K, Patriots, Leafield), Galand Thaxton (LB, Falcons/Chargers, Mildinhall), Ricky Thomas (S, Seahawks, London), Osi Umenyiora (DE/OLB, Giants/Falcons, London), Mike Walker (K, Patriots, Lancaster).
Michael Roos (OT, Titans, Taebla).

Seppo Evwaraye (OL, Vikings, Vasaa), Michael Quarshie (DT, Raiders, Erlangen (GER)), Klaus Alinen (DE, Falcons, Pori), Iiro Luoto (TE, Jets, Espoo), Karri Kuuttila (OG, Rams, ?), Matti Lindholm (LB, Vikings, ?).
Jethro Franklin (DE, Seahawks, Saint-Nazaire), Philippe Gardent (LB, Redskins/Panthers, Grenoble), Charles Romes (CB/S, Bills/Chargers, Verdun), Pat Saindon (OG, Saints/Falcons, Nice), Sébastien Sejean (S, Rams, Paris), Marc-Angelo Soumah (WR, Browns, Mulhouse), Richard Tardits (LB, Cardinals/Patriots, Biarritz).
Mark Adickes (OG, Chiefs/Saints, Stuttgart), John Alt (OT, Chiefs, Stuttgart), Zenon Andrusyshyn (P, Chiefs, Gunzburg), Frank Aschenbrenner (RB, Chicago Hornets, Heibuehl), Darnell Autry (RB, Bears/Eagles, Wiesbaden), Robert Awalt (TE, Cardinals/Cowboys/Bills, Landsthul), Daniel Benetka (DE, Falcons, Leipzig), Matt Berning (LB, Jets, Duisburg), Terry Billups (DB, Cowboys/Patriots, Wiesbaden), Willie Blade (DT, Cowboys/Jaguars, Landstuel), Dorian Boose (DE, Jets/Redskins, Frankfurt), Ken Brown (LB, Broncos, Wiesbaden), Brandon Burton (CB, Vikings/Bills/Bengals/Colts, ?), Bruce Collie (OG, 49ers/Eagles, Nuremberg), Dick Dobeliet (RB, Dayton Triangles, ?), John Engelberger (DE, 49ers/Broncos, Heidelberg), James Fitzpatrick (OT, Chargers/Raiders, Heidelberg), Ron George (LB, Falcons/Vikings/Chiefs, Heidelberg), Werner Hippler (TE, Chargers, Cologne), Domenik Hixon (WR/KR, Broncos/Giants/Panthers, Neunkirchen), John Jurkovic (DT, Packers/Jaguars/Browns, Friedrichshafen), Terry Kinard (S, Giants/Oilers, Bitburg), Jeff Knapple (QB, Broncos, Wurzburg), Markus Koch (DE, Redskins, Niedermarsberg), Chris Kolodziejski (TE, Steelers, Augsburg). Karl Kremser (K, Dolphins, Salzwedel), Mike Kullman (DB, Eagles, Frankfurt), Doug Legursky (OG/C, Steelers/Bills/Chargers, Frankfurt), D.D. Lewis (LB, Seahawks/Broncos, Bremermhaven), Nick Lowery (K, Patriots/Chiefs/Jets, Munich), Marvin Marshall (WR, Buccaneers, Aschaffenburg), Tony Mayberry (C, Buccaneers, Wurzburg), Anthony McDowell (RB, Buccaneers, Augsburg), Dan McMillen (DE, Raiders/Eagles, Wiesbaden), Gerald McNeil (WR, Browns, Oilers, Frankfurt), Ray Mickens (CB, Jets/Browns/Patriots, Frankfurt), Dwayne Missouri (DE, Cowboys, Frankfurt), Christian Mohr (DE, Seahawks/Eagles/Browns, Aachen), Ralf Mojsiejenko (P, Chargers/Redskins/49ers, Salzgitter Lebenstadt), Kyle Moore (DE, Buccaneers/Lions/Bills, Bears, ?), Horst Mühlmann (K, Bengals/Eagles, Dortmund), Jamar Nesbit (OG, Panthers/Jaguars/Saints, Heidelberg), John Nesser (OG, Columbus Panhandles, Trier), Phil Nesser (OG, Columbus Panhandles, Saarbrucken), Jeff Nixon (S, Bills, Furstenfeldbruck), Bill Passuelo (OT, Columbus Tigers, Ludenscheid Stadt), Joel Patten (OT, Browns/Colts/Chargers/Raiders, Augsburg), Hank Piro (DE, Eagles, Northoltz), Kavika Pittman (DE, Cowboys/Broncos/Panthers, Frankfurt), Alan Reid (RB, Eagles, Wurzburg), Ed Reynolds (LB, Patriots/Giants, Stuttgart), Tony Richardson (FB, Chiefs/Vikings/Jets, Frankfurt), Constantin Ritzmann (DE, Falcons, Freiburg), Gerhard Schwedes (HB, New York Titans/Patriots, Freiburg), Mike Sellers (TE, Redskins/Browns, Frankfurt), Siddeeq Shabazz (DB, Raiders/Falcons/Saints, Frankfurt), Arnie Simkus (DE, Jets/Vikings, Schlava), William Sims (LB, Vikings, Frankfurt), Gary Smith (OG, Bengals, Bitburg), Ernie Stautner (DT, Steelers, Cham), Joel Steed (NT, Steelers, Frankfurt), Fred Steinfort (K, Raiders/Falcons/Broncos/Patriots/Bills, Wetter). Travis Stephens (RB, Buccaneers, Wiesbaden). Tony Stewart (TE, Eagles/Bengals/Raiders, Lohne). Joe Szczecko (DT, Falcons/Giants, Lahr), Jamaar Taylor (WR, Giants, Giessen), Tony Vinson (RB, Ravens, Frankfurt), Uwe von Schamann (K, Dolphins, Berlin), Gary Walker (C, Cowboys, Hassfurt), David Whitehurst (QB, Packers, Baumhaulder), Reggie Williams (WR, Jaguars, Landstuhl), Keith Zinger (TE, Falcons, Heidelberg).
Chris Farasopoulas (S, Jets/Saints, Piraeus), Angelo Loukas (G, Bills/Patriots, Corinth), John Maskas (OG/OT, Bills, Chios), Gust Zarnas (OG/OT, Bears/Brooklyn Dodgers/Packers, Ikaris).
Charlie Gogolak (K, Redskins/Patriots, Rabahicleug), Pete Gogolak (K/P, Bills/Giants, Budapest), Steve Mike-Mayer (K, 49ers/Lions/Saints/Colts, Budapest).
Francis Fitzgerald (QB, Toledo Maroons, County Kerry), Tomm Graham (OG, Eagles, Omagh), Bertie Maher (DE, Detroit Heralds, County Mayo), Brian McGrath (OG, Louisville Brecks, ?), Tom McGlaughlin (FB, Tonawanda Kardex, ?), Bob Nash (DE/OT, Akron Pros/Bufallo All-Americans/Rochester Jeffersons/Giants, County Meathe), Con O’Brien (OT, Giants/Boston Bulldogs, ?), Neil O’Donoghue (K/P, Bills/Buccaneers/Cardinals, Dublin), John Sinnott (OT, Colts, Wexford), Adrian Young (LB, Eagles/Lions/Bears, Dublin).
Bruno Banducci (OG/OT, Eagles/49ers, Tasignano), Ping Bodie (FB, Hartford Blues, Corleto Perticara), Jack Bonadies (OG/OT, Hartford Blues, Corleto Perticara), Dom Cara (E, Pittsburgh Pirates, Reggio di Calabria), Enio Conti (OG, Eagles, Naples), Frank Gaziano (OG, Boston Yanks, Realemonte), Pete Gorgone (QB, Giants, Bruca), David Knight (WR, Jets, Trieste), Massimo Manca (K, Bengals, Sassari), Nick Mike-Mayer (K, Falcons/Eagles/Bills, Bologna), Leo Nomellini (DT/OT, 49ers, Lucca), Kerry Porter (RB, Bills/Raiders/Broncos, Vicenza), Joe Santone (OG, Hartford Blues, Campobasso), Joe Savoldi (FB, Bears, Milan), Ralph Sazio (OT, Brooklyn Dodgers, Avellino), Rocky Segretta (DE, Hartford Blues, Monreale), Ralph Vince (OG/OT/DE, Cleveland Indians/Cleveland Bulldogs/Cleveland Panthers, Vinci), Sandro Vitiello (K, Bengals, Broccastella), Elnardo Webster (LB, Steelers, Gortiza).
Vilnis Ezerins (RB, Rams, ?).
Tautvydas Kieras (LB, Chiefs, Vilnius), Bill Lajousky (OG, Pittsburgh Pirates, Vilnius), Arunas Vasys (LB, Eagles, ?).
Novo Bojovic (K, Cardinals, Podgorica).
Jim Asmus (K, 49ers, Meppal), Romeo Bandison (DT, Redskins, The Hague), Geraldo Boldewijn (WR, Falcons, Amsterdam), Case DeBruijn (P, Chiefs, The Hague), Harald Hasselbach (DE/DT, Broncos, Amsterdam), Pascal Matla (C, Saints, Leidschendam), Ricky Tjong-a-tjoe (DT, Chargers, Amsterdam).
Halvor Hagen (DE/OG/OT, Cowboys/Patriots/Bills, Oslo), Bill Irgens (FB, Minneapolis Marines, Stavanger), Leif Larsen (DT, Bills, Oslo), Mike Mock (LB, Jets, Trondheim), Jan Stenerud (K, Chiefs/Packers/Vikings, Fetsund).
Babatunde Aiyegbusi (OT, Vikings Oleśnica), Dutch Connor (RB, Providence Steam Roller, ?), Alex Gorgal (FB, Rock Island Independents, ?), Jack Grossman (FB, Brooklyn Dodgers, ?), Jason Maniecki (DT, Buccaneers, Rabka), Chester Marcol (K, Packers/Oilers, Opole), Rich Szaro (K, Saints/Jets, Rzeszów).
Bernie Feibish (C, Eagles, ?), George Gross (DT, Chargers, Weilau), Red Seidelson (OG/OT, Frankford Yellow Jackets/Akron Indians, ?).
John Barsha (FB, Rochester Jeffersons, ?), Morris Glassman (DE, Columbus Panhandles, ?), Al Greene (RB, Milwaukee Badgers, ?), Ace Gutowsky (FB/HB/QB, Portsmouth Spartans/Lions/Brooklyn Dodgers, Komolty), Max Padlow (DE, Eagles, ?), Harry Shaub (OG, Eagles, ?).
Tom Birney (K, Packers, Bellshill), Scott Couper (WR, Bears, Glasgow), Art Matsu (HB/QB, Dayton Triangles, Glasgow), Andrew Peterson (OG, Panthers, Greenock), James Robertson (RB, Akron Pros, Aberdeen), Ian Sunter (K, Lions/Bengals, Dundee), Lawrence Tynes (K, Chiefs/Giants/Buccaneers, Greenock), Alex Waits (P, Seahawks, Glasgow).
Filip Filipović (P, Cowboys, Belgrade).
Joe Cerne (C, 49ers/Falcons, Črnomelj), Joe Kodba (C, Colts, ?).
Jess Rodriguez (RB/OT, Buffalo Bisons, Aviles), Kelly Rodriguez (FB/HB/QB, Frankford Yellow Jackets/Minneapolis Red Jackets, Aviles), Ray Rowe (TE, Redskins, Rota).
Carl-Johan Björk (LB, Cowboys/Packers/Bengals, Stockholm), Chris Gartner (K, Browns, Gothenburg), Stone Hallquist (RB/QB, Milwaukee Badgers, Sodholm), Ove Johansson (K, Eagles, Gothenburg), Karl Hilmers Johnson (OG/OT, Akron Pros, Javia), Ola Kimrin (K, Redskins, Malmo), John Kvist (OT, Rochester Jeffersons, ?), Göran Lingmerth (K, Browns, Nassjo), Björn Nittmo (K, Giants/Chiefs, Lomma), Curly Oden (FB/RB/QB, Providence Steam Roller/Boston Braves, Stockholm).
Tunch Ilkin (C/OT/DT, Steelers/Packers, Istanbul).
Art Dorfman (C/DE/OG, Buffalo Bisons, Odessa), Charles Goldenberg (FB/OG/RB/QB, Packers, Odessa), Igor Olshansky (DE, Chargers/Cowboys/Dolphins, Dnepropetrovsk).
Jon Norris (DE, Bears, ?), Terry Price (K, Bills, Hendy), Allan Watson (K, Steelers, Blackwood).


Have we left anyone out? Please let us know (along with reference links) in the comments section below.


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March 31, 2015

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  • Pierre TROCHET

    Hi Travis, for France if you count Phil Gardent as a practice squad member then you could also have Sebastien Sejean (FS, Saints, Paris) and Marc Angelo Soumah (WR, Browns, Paris) as former players

  • Thanks Pierre! We just added both to the list.

  • Twm Owen

    Great to see Wales included on the list, I must admit the only one I was vaguely aware of was Bills kicker Terry Price. I think however Allan Watson’s place of birth should be Blackwood, a small town near Newport. All the bios I could see online give his place of birth as BLOCKwood and his college as Newport, but I suspect Blackwood is more likely.

    Not sure if Victor X (formerly Ebubedike) from London, England counts as he was only signed with the New York Jets for training camp in 1990. This from Vice Sports is a great interview with him though

  • Awesome, thanks for the updates Twm. Apparently the error on Watson’s birthplace has been perpetuated, as there is no city called Blockwood in Wales (or for that matter, anywhere else in the U.K.). It appears that Blackwood is the likely correct location. As for Ebubedike, he does qualify as you are required to sign a contract to participate in an NFL training camp, which meets the 2nd part of the criteria. Both have been updated.

  • Guest

    Very Interesting list. Great to see….Thank you for the information

  • footballguy

    Very Interesting information. Thanks Travis

    Todd Hendricks

  • Glad you enjoyed it Todd!

  • Happy to share it! Thanks!


    Bronislaw Nagurski, Mike Ditka

  • Thanks for your suggestion. Bronko Nagurski & Mike Ditka are indeed both of Ukrainian and Polish descent, however they were born in North America and not Europe. These are the requirements for inclusion:

    Players on this list have all met two important criteria for inclusion: 1) They were born in Europe and 2) They signed a contract with an NFL team.


    OK. Thanks anyway. Now I’ll know what my countrymen have played in the NFL. Will there be proud of.

  • Alex Mclachlan


    Efe Obada (Cowboys Practice Squad)

    Jay Ajayi (Miami Dolphins) – Born in London

  • Thanks Alex! We’ve added Jay Ajayi to the list. Efe Obada, however, was born in Nigeria so he unfortunately doesn’t qualify.

  • Towers Football
  • Mic Brown

    Emmanuel Moody > RB > Buffalo Bills > Heidelberg Germany > Univ FL & USC

  • Gracias @towersfootball:disqus para la recommendacion! Disafortunamente Alejandro no fue nacido en Europa, entonces él no está incluído en la lista.

  • Olivier R

    For France Richard Tardits played not only for the Patriots but for the Cardinals

  • Elisabeta Belbasz

    Surprised and it pleases me to see Romanians on the list. It just confuses me that those are not Romanian names.

    I hope to see Portuguese names in the near future on this list.

    Loved the article!

  • Thanks @elisabetabelbasz:disqus! Very good point. Until a few decades ago, the United States changed the last names of any immigrants to make them sound more “American”, so it is not uncommon to see names that don’t sound Romanian. Thanks for following!

  • Thanks @disqus_Uj8Q9b3CHu:disqus! We verified this and made the update for Richard Tardits.

  • JonG

    I know this list is not about heritage, but there are/were many NFL players of Lithuanian descent. This is so far, what I found out after research: Al Blozis, Arunas Vasys, Bill Lajousky, Carl Butkus, Dan Audick, Dick Butkus, James Laurinaitis, Joe Jurevicius, Joe Zapustas, Johhny Unitas, Luke Butkus, Moose Krause, Rob Bironas. Too bad Kieras couldn’t make the main Chiefs’ roster.

  • Patrick Venzke

    Maybe forgotten one 🙂
    Patrick Venzke
    Germany, Jacksonville Jaguars 2001

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