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The PowerPlus system allows you to measure the degree of anatomical deficiency in your unique jaw position and will correct any deficiency with its patented combination design. After the PowerPlus Mouthguard is installed correctly, your jaw joint will be in the optimum “PowerPlus” physiological rest position, providing maximum strength, endurance, performance and concussion protection.

The PowerPlus custom mouth guards are designed to maximize the safety and performance for athletes participating in all sporting activities. Designed and tested by dental and medical professionals, the patented PowerPlus Mouthguard positions the jaw to increase strength while decreasing the G-Force of impact-related head injuries.

There is a common consensus among medical and dental experts that G-Force impact is a major cause of sports related concussions. Many of these impacts are directed to the jaw and jaw joint area. Upon impact, the force can be transferred to the brain through the temporomandibular joint (jaw joint). The PowerPlus custom mouth guard provides proven protection from G-Force impact to the jaw joint area. A leading university study has documented that the Power Plus Mouthguard disperses the impact from g-forces which are one of the forces used in the measurement of concussive impact.

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