SportStar Speedflex Flex Adapters




The SportStar Speedflex Flex Adapters are an easy to install, easy to remove piece of hardware which allows you to convert your Speed Flex helmet to a traditional Snap Post system–without drilling!

Simply unscrew the thumb wheel from behind the Flex Ratchet Housing, remove the Flex Ratchet housing from the helmet, place the Flex Adapter in the same position and lock it into place by finger tightening the thumb wheel screw already provided with the helmet.

Sold by the set – each set has two (2) flex adapters, one for the left side of your helmet and one for the right side of your helmet.

SKUs: 33713 & 33714
Colors: Black & White

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Worn by the Pros
  • Sold in sets of two (2) adapters
  • Does NOT void helmet warranty

The SportStar Story

SportStar Athletics is a sports protection wear, sports decal, and sports accessories company. SportStar is the world leader in technology for chinstraps, creating the safest product on the market. And it’s not even close. SportStar chinstraps can be found on nearly every NFL team, and across the board in college football. SportStar Athletics is a leader in innovation and commitment to safety in sports.

Since 1991, SportStar has been proud to supply the finest decals, chinstraps, and accessories to athletes at all levels of play. We are dedicated to safety, reliability, quality and continuing improvement of products and processes. Our main office is in Houston, Texas, and we sell and ship worldwide.

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White, Black


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