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The Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet is a next-generation American football helmet and the highest-quality helmet offered by Riddell All-American Sports. Riddell’s goal was to design a helmet with fully integrated components and innovations for peak athlete performance and state-of-the-art protection. Riddell looked at the players’ wants and needs – at all levels of competition. The result: The Riddell SpeedFlex. Backed by extensive research, including 2+ million data points of on-field impacts, the SpeedFlex introduces many technical features that are new to the field. Utilizes a shell constructed of a polycarbonate material. The Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet is rated 5 Stars on the Virginia Tech Helmet Rankings system.

Sizes: S-XL
SKU: R41195

Flex System
Flexibility engineered into the helmet’s shell, face mask and face mask attachment system with hinge clips reduces the impact force transfer to the athlete.

Ratchet•Loc™ Retention System
A ratchet-style chin strap attachment system designed for easy, efficient adjustments and offers a new way to help secure proper fit.

All-Points Quick Release™
Four-point face mask attachment that disengages with a simple press of a button.

Patented Side Impact Protection (PSIP)
Research-based mandible protection helps reduce the forces from side impacts. Technology feature consists of side shell extensions combined with side liner extensions.

Flexible liner, designed to conform to various head shapes, providing comfort and helmet stability.

Quick Change Liner Attachment System
Removable padding system designed for ease-of-use when switching pads.

Occipital Lock
Inflatable liner that, when inflated, cradles the athlete’s occipital lobe, improving the helmet’s security and fit.

Tru-Curve Liner System
Interior liner that conforms to the shape of a player’s head as well as fits the contours of the helmet shell (front pad, crown, back/side, occipital lock, face frames) for improved comfort and fit.

Composite Energy Management
Strategic combination of padding materials inside of the helmet absorb impact energy and retain their position and purpose over extended durations of play.

Air Fit Liner
Inflatable liner components used to make final sizing adjustments.

HS4 Facemask
High Strength Spring Stainless Steel; thinner and lighter, high performance face mask improves sightlines and field vision for the athlete.

Built-in T-Nut Wrench
Molded stops in the helmet shell allow for easy removal of screws without the use of a wrench or pliers.

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The Riddell Story

Founded in 1929, Riddell is a premier designer and developer of protective sports equipment and a recognized leader in helmet technology and innovation.

One of BRG Sports most well known brands, Riddell is the leading manufacturer of football helmets, shoulder pads and reconditioning services (cleaning, repairing, repainting and recertifying existing equipment).

As the margins of physical performance become increasingly incremental, the margins of mental performance will become the frontier of greatest opportunity. The game of the future will be won with the brain. And the helmet, the space to which we hold the rightful ownership, is the home of the brain. That space most represents the future of the sport.

We are the pioneers. The leaders who can bring to the game the new, effective systems that will determine what the future of the game looks like: A faster, more fun, performance-enhancing game. Someone will lead the way to this new game.

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large (+€16,00)

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White, Black, Scarlet, Maroon, Burnt Orange, Kelly Green, Navy, Forest Green, Gold, Purple, Royal Blue, Cardinal, Light Gray, (Other)

Facemask Style

SF-2BD, SF-2EG-II, SF-2BDC, SF-3BD (+€64,99), SF-2BD-SW (+€64,99), SF-2EG-SW (+€64,99), SF-2BDC-TX (+€64,99)

Facemask Color

White, Black, Cardinal, Forest Green, Gold, Kelly Green, Light Gray, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Purple, Royal Blue, Scarlet

Chin Strap Style

Ratchet·Loc Soft Cup, Ratchet·Loc Hard Cup (+€17,99), Ratchet·Loc TCP Hard Cup (+€24,99)

Chin Strap Color

White, Black, Forest Green (Hard Cups Only), Green Bay Gold (Hard Cups Only), Kelly Green (Hard Cups Only), Maroon (Hard Cups Only), Navy Blue (Hard Cups Only), Orange (Hard Cups Only), Purple Scarlet (Hard Cups Only), Royal Blue (Hard Cups Only)

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

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None, Convert to Black (+€6,99)


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