Gear Pro-Tec X3 Shoulder Pad (Skill)

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The Gear Pro-Tec X3 Shoulder Pad (Skill) provides a traditional pad design with the added benefit of the same Compressed Hex Foam used in our top of the line Razor model. Compressed Hex Foam features 3D channel and perforations to promote air flow, moisture evaporation and cooling power while maintaining maximum protection. The AC notch-out with cradle pad provides additional AC joint protection. It features a fixed cap pad with Pro-Loc epaulet design while still allowing for maximum arms up motion. Vent holes in the arch allow for quicker cooling and faster drying. Matte black color provides a stealth appearance amid its traditional style but with the added benefits of modern technology for demanding performance.

The Gear Pro-Tec X7 is the ideal shoulder pad for skill positions such as quarterbacks (QBs), wide receivers (WRs), cornerbacks (CBs), and safeties (S), allowing for full range of motion and flexibility.

Features & Benefits:

  • Light weight low profile flat pad design for greater mobility
  • Built-in back plate
  • Recommemded for QB/WR/DB or similar Skill positions requiring greater mobility
  • Antimicrobial arch fabric
  • Compressed Hex Foam delivers first in class moisture management and superior protection
  • Vent holes throughout arch offers increased air flow
  • Full 180 degree arms up motion
  • Integrated Deltoid Pad and fixed cap pad
  • Rigid plastic sternum protection
  • 1.5″ biothane belt with no-snag buckles

The Gear Pro-Tec Story

Gear Pro-Tec equipment is designed with the elite athlete in mind. Providing cutting edge protection, lightweight design, and moisture management technology to help the athlete perform at the highest level possible. Simply put, Gear Pro-Tec provides the best athletes with the best shoulder pads and protective equipment they demand.

Industry leading Protection on the lighest weight platform with the only true moisture transfer system available. Used by professional players, top Division I colleges, and high school state champions.

Patented technology throughout the line of equipment. Including “High Impact Inner Poly Arch” design, “Pro-Loc Epaulet” design, “Front Lock Stabilizer” sternum protection, Broc® Foam energy absorption technology, “Air Release®” clavicle pads, and adjustable cap pads.

Gear Pro-Tec: Protecting America’s Finest Athletes Since 1992

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