Champro Ultra-Light Knee Pads


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The Champro Ultra-Light Knee Pads are designed to be inserted into American football practice and game pants. These are standard size, yet ultra-light for limited restriction.  Weight: 0.11 pounds (50 g).

Size: Adult


  • Sport: American Football
  • Brand: Champro
  • Color: White
  • Material: Foam
  • Pads Included: Knee
  • Quantity: 2

The Champro Story

For over 25 years, CHAMPRO Sports® has manufactured high performance equipment and apparel for America’s athletes. CHAMPRO Sports® equipment and apparel is manufactured in the best and most experienced factories in the world. CHAMPRO Sports® maintains specifications and performance standards equal to, and in many cases exceed those of more heavily advertised brands. CHAMPRO Sports® does not pay professional athletes or teams to use or endorse our equipment. Teams and athletes choose our products because they perform better. CHAMPRO Sports® equipment and apparel is distributed exclusively through sporting goods specialty stores.

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