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November 2, 2017

U čemu je čar američkog fudbala?

  Napisao: Travis Brody Preveo: Tomislav Pavić Lektorisao: Eldar Balta   Na kraju prošle godine, jedan od najboljih ragbijaša na svijetu Jarryd Hayne objavio je kako napušta Australsku Nacionalnu Ragbi ligu kako bi pokušao igrati u NFL-u. Ne samo da je odbio garantirani novac iduće sezone nego i

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October 9, 2017

Mostarski Orlovi (Mostar Eagles): Zajedništvo kroz football

Napisao: Shannon Grady Preveo: Tomislav Pavić Lektorisao: Eldar Balta   U maju 2017. Mostar je bio domaćin utakmice američkog fudbala između Sarajevo Spartansa i Dubrovnik Sharksa. Utakmicom su se željeli usprotiviti bilo kakvim tenzijama koje se znaju javiti na ovim prostorima, te na svoj način doprinijeti jačanju veza

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September 20, 2017

Women in Europe On a Mission in the American Football Community

Whether it be on the field or off of it, the women of Europe are working hard to fulfill their goals and aspirations in the American football community. Women are not only present in the American football environment – they are creating their own. With

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July 9, 2017

The Mostar Eagles: A Lesson in Bridging Relationships Through American Football

    In May 2017, Mostar served as the host for an American football game between the Sarajevo Spartans and the Dubrovnik Sharks. The game was a demonstration of the desire to combat any remaining tensions in the region, and attendance at this event allowed

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